The Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre (MSAC) is a not-for-profit public charity – a Public Benevolence Institution (PBI), which is accredited by the Australian Charities Registry.
The Centre is committed to helping the elderly and the disabled establish active lifestyles and provides respite services for caregivers.
We hope that through our activity centre, more Chinese elders will have reduced social isolation risks. By participating in our day centre and community activities, the elders will get to know more friends and learn more about Australian Government’s benefits and resources that are available for them.
We also promote many more meaningful volunteer projects to support the elders in the community.




Our services include major metropolitan areas in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Our Programs

Seniors Day Centre

Our Day Centre for the Elderly is committed to helping the elderly to establish an active lifestyle, providing respite services, functional exercises, physical therapy, various intellectual training, health exercises, and various community activities.

Chinese Planned Activity GroupIn order to alleviate the pressure of caregivers and enrich the daily lives of the elderly, our professional event managers, under planned arrangements and planning, enable the elderly to actively participate in “planned” activities in a collective layout, and interact with each other Exchange, interaction and love.

Rehabilitation Service Center

Community Services

Whilst working with the Senior Community, we found that many Senior Individuals were not active within the Community and would often stay within their homes for long periods of time. They did not have a connection with the Community and hence were at risk of depression and senior isolation.

Also, due to the language barriers that they face, they often do not know about the care that is available for them as well as where to obtain this assistance from.

Chinese Senior Activity Centre

Chinese Senior Education Centre

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