About Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre

Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre (MSAC) promotes volunteer projects to benefit the welfare of the senior community.

MSAC promotes health care knowledge and encourages seniors to live independently therefore leading to reduce risks of to dementia, risk of isolation, neglect etc.

MSAC provides health rehabilitation therapy; physiotherapy; occupational functional training; psychological support; brain exercise; personal care, nursing care and so on.

MSAC knows that being a main carer is not always easy, a lot of sacrifices and commitment are often involved. MSAC’s respite program is put in place in order to assist and reduce family and carer stress.

Our Seniors Day Centre is open for senior residents who are suffering from isolation, loneliness and helplessness.

The Day Centre is to act as a platform for them to socialise with others and improve their health and memory via games and exercise.

Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre (MSAC) promotes volunteer projects to benefit the welfare of the senior community.

Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre (MSAC) promotes volunteer projects to benefit the welfare of the senior community.

Our members are as follows


Individuals -- Seniors Individuals, Volunteers, activity coordinators, Personal Care Assistants, all other health care professionals etc.

Groups - Non-Profit Organisations, Seniors Community Organisations, Health Organisations etc.

Our service areas include suburbs of Metropolitan Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.


Currently, our activity centre is located at:

G01, 193-195 Springvale Road, Nunawading, 3131, VIC

More information

Our projects benefit the Chinese CALD Senior Community.

Our Purpose:​

  • • To support and help the elderly live longer and live better;
  • To promote community connections and to encourage social activities within the Community, Residential Aged Care Facilities and Homes;
  • To help and assist the seniors in their daily life – in particular, those facing barriers including language and financial barriers;
  • To create physical spaces that allow the elderly to gather together and take part in a variety of activities;
  • Wholeheartedly love and care for the senior and disabled community;
  • Provide job opportunities for caring volunteers, care staff members, activity coordinators and all other health care professionals;
  • Organise interesting activities to bring the elderly together and encourage communicate amongst each other;
  • Provide consultation services with various health experts such as: physical therapists, functional exercise therapists, speech therapists, etc.
  • Provide respite services;
  • Encourage the elderly to maintain and develop new interests and hobbies;

Our purpose is to promote unity, good health and senior independence through our many projects and programs.


Our Philosophy is:
Our team comprises of Registered, Professional and Experienced Registered Nurses, Caregivers, Allied Health Experts, Professional Activity Managers. Our guarantee is quality and professional services and advice.

We are confident and proud to claim:
Our service concept is professional, concrete, practical and effective.

  • To develop one or more Residential Aged Care Facilities specially catered for the care for the Chinese CALD community;
  • To support the Elderly within the community to “Live Longer and Live Better”;
    To support the Elderly to live active and healthier lifestyles;
  • To connect with more Chinese Seniors Social Groups;
  • To support, educate and empower the Senior Community.


  • Language – we can speak the same language as you!
  • We understand the Asian culture and Traditional Customs.
  • We have Registered Nurses and carers from various backgrounds.
  • We can provide free advice to the Chinese senior community.
  • We have a Professional volunteer team with experience in the Aged Care and Home Care Sectors.


Melbourne Seniors Activity Centres (MSAC)’s goals are to:

  • Help seniors to receive Home and Community Care and Support services.
  • Live longer, live happier.
  • Share the Chinese Tradition and Culture.
  • Share Health Care Knowledge and Experience.
  • Improve seniors’ health and wellbeing.
  • Encourage connection with the Community in order to build social networks.
  • Reduce stress and burden on family members and caregivers.
  • Slow the progression of senile dementia and reduce social isolation risks.


Includes all Elderly and Disabled
(In particular, we have expertise with the Asian-Chinese elderly and the disabled)

Our service is best for:

  • Elders who are receiving “Home Care Package” subsidies – Melbourne Seniors Day Centre.
  • Seniors (above 65 years old) from various communities – LaoLaiLe Seniors Activity Centre.

Application Procedures

If you are currently receiving a Federal Government “Home Care Package” or “NDIS Package” subsidy and are interested in attending our day centre’s activities, please follow the following steps:
1. Applicants need to first notify your Case Manager of your interest in our Day Centre’s activities. Your Case Manager will then need to ensure that your care plan and budget is sufficient to support the centre’s cost.
2. With the consent of your Case Manager, your Case Manager will submit a “Service Authorisation” letter together with an application form and “Emergency Care Plan” to the centre.
3. In your application and “Service Authorisation” forms, your Case Manager needs to clearly tell us your care plan and the number of days they have authorised for you to attend. (You can choose one or more activity days).
4. Once our event manager has received the above documentations from your Case Manager, you will be issued a contract to sign.
5. Using the information from your Case Manager together with the care plan put together by our event managers, we will be able to better understand your care needs and provide you with a full range of related and suitable services and activities.

We provide free consultations on all details and charges related to our Seniors Day Centre. For more information, please contact us via

Phone: (03) 8812 2661
Or email to: info@msaci.org.au