Many elderly people who are receiving Home Care Packages from the Australian Government know that with the funding, they can obtain professional nursing staff assistance to provide nursing services for them in the comfort of their own home.
The range of services supported by this subsidy is immense but many seniors are unaware that there is a service that can benefit both the elders and their caregivers. That is, Respite Care, also known as Day Care Service or Day Centre Service.
This kind of nursing service not only takes care of the elderly physically and mentally, but also allow the family members of the elderly to take a rest temporarily.

The Importance of Day Centres

A research report shows that 60% of elderly caregivers have experienced the poor health that results from the pressure of caregiving and will suffer from one or more chronic diseases as a result. Under the great pressure of caregiving, the physical and mental health of caregivers is seriously threatened.
Caregivers sometimes feel physically and mentally exhausted while caring for the elderly or disabled. The care of Alzheimer’s patients have been called “second victims” by experts. Therefore, it is very important for the caregivers to have a short rest to stay healthy. The temporary care that the seniors have can give their carers a break to recharge so that they can become better caregivers.

Benefits of Community Respite Care Services

The Australian Government provides respite care services for the elderly people who have Home Care Packages, including community respite care (day care services) and facility respite care services.
After applying for the respite services for seniors – their individual case manager will organise the time of regular day care services for them. The elders will be able to use the home care funding to participate in the professional day care centres in the community. The professional day care centre will provide various kinds of functional exercise or recreation activities that are beneficial to the physical and mental health of the elderly, and professional nursing staff will provide care services. This community day care that provides a comprehensive day service for the elderly is popular among the senior society.

1. Regular Break for Caregivers

By attending a community-based professional day care centre 4-5 hours a day, one or more days a week, the carers of elders (such as loved ones or caregivers) can be supported and assisted. They can also get short breaks good for their physical and mental health.

2. Professional Nursing Staff and Lifestyle Coordinator

The community day care centre that the seniors participate in is run by professional nursing staff members and lifestyle coordinators. Elders can get comprehensive and thoughtful care from the professionals in the centre. After knowing that the beloved seniors are with caring staff in the safe and comfortable environment, their families will feel more relived and at ease.

3. Memory and Physical and Mental Health Support

The community day care centre can provide intimate, thoughtful and professional nursing care services for the elderly, including physical function exercise; memory training or mental support, which is helpful for elderly’s wellbeing.
Participating in recreational activities at a fixed time can make the elderly feel better physically and mentally than staying at home for a long time. Also, it can effectively prevent the seniors from memory degradation, senile dementia and other elderly diseases.

The Government encourages the elderly to use the home care package funding to pay for their Day Care Centres. The elderly can make friends of the same age here and participate in different useful social activities. The chance of leaving the house and integrating into the community will allow the elderly to eliminate the feeling of loneliness and be youthful again, since they no longer need to stay at home all day with the families being unable to accompany them due to their busy schedules.

Our Melbourne Seniors Day Centre also has an exclusive Day Care Centre for our Chinese seniors! The centre currently has the following two categories of services, click the following buttons for more details:

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