MSAC is a charity registered under the Australian Federal Government. We are currently looking for funding and material sponsorship and welcome long-term service sponsors and theme event sponsors. With your kind sponsorship, we will be able to organise more recreational activities of high quality as well as reach a larger target audience.

At the same time, LaoLaiLe Seniors Activity Centre is our partner organisation. It has many Chinese elder members. It organises regular cultural activities and health lectures in the community on a weekly basis. It organises large-scale celebrations of traditional Chinese cultural festivals at least six times a year, such as: Chinese New Year; Mid-Autumn Festival; Mother’s Day; 1999 Chung Yeung Festival; Dragon Boat Festival; Lantern Festival and so on.

The aim of arranging social activities in the society is to provide a diverse and interactive platform for the elderly – providing guidance for them into the community, linking them to the society, and enjoying their retirement to the fullest

The Benefits of Sponsorship

MSAC owns a variety of elder activity platforms such as the Day Centre for the Elderly (Day Care for the Elderly), Melbourne Seniors University, etc. We have up to 13 online and offline promotional platforms that promote our various types of charity activities.

In the process of promoting the activities, we can provide you with customise online and offline promotion according to the cooperation method. It will be beneficial to promote your services or products in the Melbourne area, especially to the Chinese senior society.

Philanthropy requires enthusiastic support and help from every social group, business and people. Your generous support will be meaningful for our charity activities. If you are interested in cooperating with us to contribute for the Chinese community, please contact us for cooperation, thank you!


Support with Fund Donation

Support with Fund Donation
Support with Fund (Tax-free Charity Invoices Available)

Support with Products

Support with Products
Support with Products Which Meet the Australian Market Norms

If you need more information or if you want to become our sponsor, please contact us:

Contact Phone Number: 0432 556 688

Working Time: Workdays,  9:00 am – 17:00 pm

Email: info@msaci.org.au

Address: G01, 193-195, Springvale Road, Nunawading , 3131, VIC