MSAC needs more people like you who have a passion for Elderly Care and would like to give back to the Community. Your support will be helpful for us to take care of the seniors and to organise social activities and cultural celebration. We hope the senior individuals can enjoy a happy and independent lifestyle without the cultural and language barriers through our volunteer program.

In addition, MSAC is an approved organisation allowed to offer voluntary work to job seekers. If you need to fulfil the government’s requirement of volunteering, you are welcomed to join us. Our volunteer program allows you to gain experience while also meeting the requirements of receiving welfare benefits (e.g. unemployment benefits).

Volunteer Program:

  • Social Activities Volunteer Group
  • Chinese Cultural Events and Activity Volunteers
  • Student Internships

The Benefits of Being a MSAC Volunteer:

  1. MSAC will give you a certificate to improve your resume;
  2. To have more idea about the aged care system in Australia;
  3. To hang out with seniors and listen to their life experience;
  4. To make new friends and improve your professional network.

If you are interested or has what it takes to become a volunteer; please send your resume to and our team will be in contact with you.